Another career highlight was the Fab4s
three night stand at Londons Alexander palace.

The authenticity of the fab4 sound is aided by their use of classic sound equipment. The Fab4 use much the same gear as the Beatles to get that original sound. Amplifiers like Vox, guitars like Rickenbacker, Gretsch and Höfner grace the stage, with that iconic Ludwig drum kit it the background.
They not only sound good, they look great!

The Fab4 are:
"JOHN" - Blue, Rhythm guitar & Harp
"PAUL" - Richard Snow, bass guitar player
"GEORGE" - Tony Osborne, lead guitar
"RINGO" - Gaz Holmes, drums
"George Martin" - John Moon- Sound Engineering and monitor sabotage.
“Mal Evans” - Paul- Lights, super fast lugging and Poker school teacher.

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